resale / giveaway rights

Online Income Magazine is dedicated to the self empowerment of our readers

so with that in mind we gladly allow you to resell / distribute our magazine

as you see fit.

What you may do with it:

You may sell it.

You may give it away as a free bonus with a purchase of something

You may give it away as a free gift when someone joins your email list

You may give it away as a gift to grow your social media channels

You may give or sell the resale / giveaway rights to others

You may do just about anything with it as long as it's legal & ethical

What you are NOT allowed to do with it:

You may not disassemble the publication and publish it in parts anywhere

You may not change the contents in any way

You may not claim copyright to the publication

You may not use it to promote anything illegal or unethical

*When redistributing the magazine you must include the attached "read me" file

that explains the user redistribution rights to your users.

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