Frequently asked questions

How do I login to my account?

You don't! We don't require you to create an account or submit your personal information to get Online Income Magazine. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to benefit from our publication.

Is This Really 100% Free?

Yes! This is 100% FREE for you to use. In fact, we are going to do you one better than that. Not only are you getting Online Income Magazine totally free, but we are giving you the resale and giveaway rights to this magazine so you can use it to make money for yourself. Yep, you can use this as a giveaway bonus (give it to anyone that buys your product) You can use it as a lead gift (give it to people that join your mailing list) You can sell it (sell it for whatever price you want) You can use it as a freebie to grow your social media following You can use this just about however you want. Be sure to see the enclosed terms of use for all the details.

How often does this come out?

Online Income Magazing is a monthly periodical so come back every month to grab your new copy every month. We are not going to email you (spam) to remind you. You need to bookmark this site and come back monthly so you can collect a vast library of issues that you can learn from & use to make an online income with.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Haa! That's funny. You're not subscribed and you haven't paid any money for this. If you want to quit getting this publication, just stop downloading it.

I REALLY want this sent to me via email. Can you do that?

OK... we understand you love the magazine (so many smart people do) and you want it sent to your inbox so you don't miss a single issue. Here's how to make that happen... Contact the person that sent you this magazine and ask them to send you your own copy of Online Income Magazine every month. They will be glad to do so.

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